Low Level Laser Hair Therapy
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Testimonials / Before & After Photos



Client Comments

I have to admit that when I came to you I was skeptical about Laser Therapy. You informed me of all the success you have had with other clients so I figured I would give it a shot. My son had been losing excessive amounts of hair and I was really worried that if this continued it would not be long before he would be bald. After three weeks of Laser Hair Therapy, I began to see much less fallout and after five weeks almost none. The thin areas of his scalp are now filling and we are very happy with the progress he has made.

- J.C.


It is now four months later and I am still doing Laser Therapy Sessions. I admit I was skeptical at first, bit I am so glad I decided to start treatment. Thank you so very much for helping me and for your honesty and kindness along the way. 



I had heard about Laser Hair Therapy and researched it on the Web. When I came to you I was losing more hair everyday. Within four weeks  of laser sessions, my hair was not falling out like it had been . I am going to refer my fiend to you because she is having a similar problem. Thanks again for what you have done for me.



When I came to you I really didn't think anything could be done to help me, but I was wrong. You took the time to explain all the details about Laser Hair Therapy to me and have worked closely with me from the start. It is now six months later and I am amazed at my progress to this point. 



One thing that really sticks out in my mind about Kevin is how carefully I had to be when cutting his hair because you should see right down to the scalp. After four months of Laser Hair Therapy, I can do whatever I choose with his hair. I am very impressed on how well he has responded to Laser Hair Therapy.

 Vinnie, Stylist
Vito Mazza Salon & Day Spa


As the director of hair restoration, I have an obligation to provide my clients with the best products and service available in the industry today, What we have accomplished with Laser Hair Therapy is truly remarkable. If I didn't take the before and after photos shown here, I would not have believed that they were real. We now have a proven solution for those clients who are just beginning to lose their hair procedure. This is a very exciting advancement in our industry.

Rich, Director
Vito Mazza Salon & Day Spa


Dotsie was thinning in the corners on both sides of her hairline which made if difficult to achieve certain styles,. In just six months, the hair in those two areas was getting fuller and stronger, which makes styling very easy now. The progress she has made is nothing short of incredible.

Tina Z., Master Designer
Vito Mazza Salon & Day Spa