Low Level Laser Hair Therapy
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Who We Are

Vito Mazza, Chief Advisor,
Laser Hair Therapy Consulting Group

Who We Are

Our History

Laser Hair Therapy Consulting Group (LHTG) has over 60 years experience in the hair restoration industry. Our goal is to provide leading salons, spas and hair restoration studios with a Low level Laser Therapy turn key solution for their established thinning hair clients and prospective hair loss clients.

Our chief advisor, Vito Mazza, has been the leader in providing hair restoration in New Jersey for almost 4 decades. Vito Mazza Salon, Day Spa and Hair Restoration Facility is family owned and operated with over 70 employees. The salon has been recognized as one of the, "Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in North America 2003, 2004, and 2005" by Salon Today Magazine.

Many companies are advertising and selling cosmetic lasers without any proven formula for success. We have developed a proven program that can get you up and running with just one day of formal training! There is no more guesswork, only the tools you will need to build a very successful business. Marketing and advertising solutions to consultation services, from closing the sale to the subsequent treatment program, you will have everything you need. Our team will also provide you with continued guidance as you begin to gain momentum and increase your client base. We are prepared to offer you the Laser and the entire consulting package, including the formal training for less than others are selling a Laser alone! As you read on, I am confident you will join in our excitement.


Why should you choose to work with us?

The Laser Hair Therapy Consulting Group was developed to provide a profitable addition for studio owners looking for new, innovative ways to tap into the emerging thinning hair and hair loss market. We have developed a “Turn-Key” solution, which incorporates everything from marketing and advertising materials to contract management and client support services. Laser Hair Therapy will become an excellent source of income for your studio and you can be one of the fi rst in your area to offer this type of service. Please feel free to contact me at 877-455-9191 or by email at [email protected] llltsolutions.com if you are interested in this type of technology for your studio. You may visit our Laser Hair Therapy Consulting website at www.llltsolutions.com.

Rich Mele
Program Director
Laser Hair Therapy Consulting Group